0.85: ESPHome, Plum Lightpad, OpenSenseMap



Slugify changed, which can impact entity ID creation if the entities had names with either a - or characters outside of A-Z and the integration has no unique IDs. We now better handle the characters and substitute it with an alternative instead of removing that character.

Read this breaking change warning? 👆 Good. Let’s get started. This is the first release of 2019 and it covers a whopping 4 weeks, as we skipped the last release of the year to focus on friends and family. This is going to be a great year and we’re planning a lot of cool stuff. If you haven’t seen it yet, check the State of the Union to see what we have planned.

We’ve been so good at taking a break, that we pushed Lovelace as the default UI to 86 to make sure it’s super polished. We expect just bug fixes between 85 and 86, so feel free to check it out!

We’re also busy churning through the backlog of open PRs for Home Assistant (170 as of now), if you did a contribution over the past 4 weeks, we’ll get to it soon.

During the break we’ve launched the Home Assistant Data Science Portal. It explains all the data that Home Assistant stores and how you can get a data science environment going to explore it yourself.

This release also features native support for ESPHome, a system for managing ESP8266 and ESP32 microchips with a YAML config inspired by Home Assistant. The native API replaces MQTT for ESPHome firmwares and is designed specifically for Home Assistant and absolute efficiency. 🏎 It also comes with a Hass.io add-on to make configuration even easier.

New Platforms

Release 0.85.1 - January 11

If you need help…

…don’t hesitate to use our very active forums or join us for a little chat. The release notes have comments enabled but it’s preferred if you use the former communication channels. Thanks.

Reporting Issues

Experiencing issues introduced by this release? Please report them in our issue tracker. Make sure to fill in all fields of the issue template.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • Targeting all entities in a domain by not sending an entity_id to a service is now deprecated. Instead, send entity_id: all if you want to target all. The old method will work for a couple of releases more, but will print a warning. Please migrate. (@balloob - #19006) (breaking change)
  • The default interval of the weather component was aligned with the sensor component and is now 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds. (@fabaff - #19186) (weather docs) (breaking change)
  • In order to fix the below bug, default entity_ids will change (for example, sensor.17track_packages_delivered will change to sensor.seventeentrack_packages_delivered). (@bachya - #19213) (sensor.seventeentrack docs) (breaking change)
  • Change STATE_AUTO to STATE_HEAT and STATE_AWAY to STATE_ECO to conform to climate DOMAIN standards. Change made to fix Alexa/Google Assistant support for this component. (@marchingphoenix - #19242) (climate.eq3btsmart docs) (breaking change)
  • Add config flow for Daikin. Removes configuration option: monitored_conditions. Also removes configuration settings for sensor.daikin. (@fredrike - #19182) (daikin docs) (climate.daikin docs) (sensor.daikin docs) (breaking change)
  • Add traccar motion, speed and battery_level attributes. Attributes will only exist if there is data to show for that attribute.

(@ludeeus - #19090) (device_tracker docs) (breaking change)

Beta Fixes

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