Air Quality

The air_quality base platform allows other integrations to process information about air quality and pollution details. It is used by integrations that provide an air_quality sensor - you can find those under the health integrations.

The platforms cover the following levels (if they are available):

  • The particulate matter 0.1 (<= 0.1 μm) level.
  • The particulate matter 2.5 (<= 2.5 μm) level.
  • The particulate matter 10 (<= 10 μm) level.
  • The Air Quality Index (AQI).
  • The O3 (ozone) level.
  • The CO (carbon monoxide) level.
  • The CO2 (carbon dioxide) level.
  • The SO2 (sulphur dioxide) level.
  • The N2O (nitrogen oxide) level.
  • The NO (nitrogen monoxide) level.
  • The NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) level.

Building block integration

The air quality integration cannot be directly used. You cannot create your own air quality entities using this integration. This integration is a building block for other integrations to use, enabling them to create air quality entities for you.