The freebox integration allows you to observe and control Freebox router.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Sensor with metrics for connection speed, internal temperature, free partition space and missed calls
  • Device tracker for connected devices
  • Switch to control Wi-Fi
  • Camera


Adding Freebox to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:

Freebox can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If an instance was found, it will be shown as Discovered. You can then set it up right away.

You can find out your Freebox host and port by opening this address in your browser. The returned JSON should contain an api_domain (host) and a https_port (port). Please consult the API documentation for more information.

Via the frontend

Menu: Settings -> Devices & Services. Search for “Freebox”, add your host and port, click submit.

If you add the integration for the first time, follow the instructions in the Initial setup section.

Via the configuration file

  port: 1234

Configuration Variables

host string Required

The URL of the Freebox.

port string Required

The HTTPS port the Freebox is listening on.

If you change your Freebox router for a new one, go into your Home Assistant configuration .storage folder and delete the “freebox” folder, then add the integration again.

Initial setup

You must have set a password for your Freebox router web administration page. Enable the option “Permettre les nouvelles demandes d’associations” and check that the option “Accès à distance sécurisé à Freebox OS” is active in “Gestion des ports” > “Connexions entrantes”.

The first time Home Assistant will connect to your Freebox, you will need to authorize it by pressing the right arrow on the facade of the Freebox when prompted to do so.

To make the Wi-Fi switch and the reboot service working you will have to add “Modification des réglages de la Freebox” permission to Home Assistant application in “Paramètres de la Freebox” > “Gestion des accès” > “Applications”.

To use cameras from the Freebox Delta, you will have to add “Gestion de l’alarme et maison connectée” permission to Home Assistant application in “Paramètres de la Freebox” > “Gestion des accès” > “Applications”.

Supported routers

Only the routers with Freebox OS are supported:

  • Freebox V8 also known as Freebox Pop
  • Freebox V7 also known as Freebox Delta
  • Freebox V6 also known as Freebox Revolution
  • Freebox mini 4k

Presence Detection

This platform offers presence detection by keeping track of the devices connected to a Freebox router.


Note that the Freebox waits for some time before marking a device as inactive, meaning that there will be a small delay (1 or 2 minutes) between the time you disconnect a device and the time it will appear as “away” in Home Assistant. You should take this into account when specifying the consider_home parameter. On the contrary, the Freebox immediately reports devices newly connected, so they should appear as “home” almost instantly, as soon as Home Assistant refreshes the devices states.


This platform offers you sensors to monitor a Freebox router. The monitored metrics are:

  • Internal temperature
  • Upload and download rates (in KB/s)
  • Free partition space of used disks
  • Number of missed calls


Cameras are only available in Freebox V7 (also known as Freebox Delta).


Service freebox.reboot

This service will reboot your Freebox router. It does not take any parameter. Be aware there is no confirmation.


This platform offers you a switch to toggle the Wi-Fi on or off. This will toggle all Wi-Fi interfaces of the router (all SSID and all bands).