Radio Thermostat

The radiotherm climate platform let you control a thermostat from Radio Thermostat or 3M Filtrete. Your thermostat must have the Wi-Fi module installed and connected to your network.


To add the Radio Thermostat integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Radio Thermostat can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If an instance was found, it will be shown as Discovered. You can then set it up right away.

Time synchronization

The integration will automatically sync the time when it is loaded if the device is not currently in hold mode, as syncing the time will disable hold mode.

Hold mode

If you want temperature settings from Home Assistant to override a thermostat schedule on the thermostat itself, hold mode can be enabled with the hold mode switch.

Known working devices

  • CT30 v1.75
  • CT30 v1.92
  • CT30 v1.94
  • CT30 v1.99
  • CT50 V1.09
  • CT50 V1.88
  • CT50 V1.92
  • CT50 V1.94 (also known as Filtrete 3M50)
  • CT80 Rev B1 V1.00
  • CT80 Rev B2 V1.00
  • CT80 Rev B2 V1.03
  • CT80 Rev B2 V1.09

New models that are derivatives of the CT30 or CT80 should be detected automatically and basic functionality should work.