Telldus Live

The tellduslive integration let you connect to the Telldus Live API. It’s cloud platform that connects to your Tellstick Net or Tellstick ZNet connected gear at home.

Note that you need a Telldus Premium subscription to access the Cloud API (

Local API supports only one device at this stage. Local API is only supported with the Znet Lite products, the older hardware (such as Tellstick Net) does not support local API.


To manually integrate your Telldus Live with Home Assistant, e.g., if your device is on another network or in another location, add the following section to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

Configuration Variables

host string (Optional)

Host address to Tellstick Net or Tellstick ZNet for Local API, only useful when automatic discovery is not enabled.

scan_interval integer (Optional, default: 60)

Interval (in seconds) for polling the Telldus Live server (or the local server).

The integration will offer configuration through the Home Assistant user interface where it will let you associate it with your Telldus Live account.