Pencom Design is a manufacturer of computer-controlled relay, I/O and custom boards for commercial and industrial applications. This interface to Pencom’s Relay Control Boards is designed to work over an ethernet to serial adapter (NPort). Each switch (relay) can be turned on/off, and the state of the relay can be read.


The Pencom relays can be daisy-chained to allow for up to 8 boards.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: pencom
    port: 4001
    boards: 2
      - name: "Irrigation"
        addr: 0
      - name: "Upper Entry Door"
        addr: 1
      - name: "Fountain"
        addr: 0
        board: 2

Configuration Variables

host string Required

The IP address of the ethernet to serial adapter. It is assumed that the adapter has been preconfigured.

port integer Required

The port of the ethernet to serial adapter.

boards integer (Optional)

Number of boards daisy-chained together (default is 1).

relays list Required

List of relays.

name string Required

The name of the switch (component).

addr integer Required

The relay on the board starting with 0.

board integer (Optional)

The board number (defaults to 1).