IDTECK Proximity Reader

IDTECK makes ID systems used to control access and identify users. This integration works with Proximity Readers (RFID card readers). The device is connected to Home Assistant through a serial to ethernet converter (NPort).

An idteck_prox_keycard event is fired whenever a card or key sequence has been entered. The event contains ‘card’ - the card/key sequence, and the ‘name’ of the card reader. Checking ‘card’ against known card numbers can be used as the basis of an entry control system, or as part of a check-in/check-out system.


# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - host:
    port: 4001
    name: "Lower Door"
  - host:
    port: 4001
    name: "Upper Door"

Configuration Variables


The hostname or IP address of the ethernet to serial adapter that is connected to the proximity reader. It is assumed that the adapter has been preconfigured.


The port of the ethernet to serial adapter


The name of the prox card reader