The DirecTV platform allows you to control a DirecTV receiver and its client devices.


For proper integration with Home Assistant, your DirecTV device settings should allow “External Access”.

This is done via series of settings found via “Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Whole Home > External Device”:

  • External Access: Allow
  • Current Program: Allow
  • Recordings: Allow


Go to the integrations page in your configuration and click on new integration -> DirecTV. If your DirecTV device is on, it has likely been discovered already and you just have to confirm the detected device.

YAML Configuration

Manual configuration of your DirecTV device is also possible, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - host: IP_ADDRESS

Configuration Variables



The hostname or IP of the DirecTV receiver, e.g.,


Media control services

Available services: turn_on, turn_off, media_play, media_pause, media_stop, media_next_track, media_previous_track, play_media

Service media_player.play_media

Service data attribute Optional Description
entity_id yes Target a specific media player. Defaults to all.
media_content_id no The channel number to change to.
media_content_type no A media type. Has to be channel.