Button Card

The Button card allows you to add buttons to perform tasks.

Screenshot of the button card Screenshot of the Button card.

type: button
entity: light.living_room

Configuration Variables

type stringRequired


entity string(Optional)

Home Assistant entity ID.

name string(Optional, default: Name of Entity)

Overwrites friendly name.

icon string(Optional, default: Entity Domain Icon)

Icon that will be be used to overwrite the entity picture or entity icon.

show_name boolean(Optional, default: true)

Show name.

show_icon boolean(Optional, default: true)

Show icon.

show_state boolean(Optional, default: false)

Show state.

icon_height string(Optional, default: auto)

Set the height for the icon. This is in pixels which is handled by the configuration UI. (Advanced users can use other CSS values if they like)

state_color boolean(Optional, default: true)

Set to true to have icons colored when entity is active

tap_action map(Optional)

Action taken on card tap. See action documentation.

hold_action map(Optional)

Action taken on card tap and hold. See action documentation.

double_tap_action map(Optional)

Action taken on card double tap. See action documentation.

theme string(Optional)

Set to any theme within themes.yaml

Options For Exemptions

Configuration Variables

user stringRequired

User id that can see the view tab.


Title and Script Service Example:

type: button
name: Turn Off Lights
show_state: false
  action: call-service
  service: script.turn_on
    entity_id: script.turn_off_lights

Screenshot of the button card Screenshot of the Button card with Title and Script Service.