Sections (experimental)

The sections view lets you organize your cards in sections on a grid. You can group cards without using horizontal or vertical stack cards.

A fully populated dashboard in Sections view layout A fully populated dashboard in Sections view layout

The sections view was released beginning of March 2024 and is experimental! Do not build your daily dashboard on top of it yet! We are still collecting feedback.

It is not possible to migrate dashboards into sections view.

Creating a sections view

  1. If you have multiple dashboards, in the left sidebar, select the dashboard to which you want to add the sections view.

  2. Add a new view and under View type, select Sections.

  3. Select the number of columns you want to see in the new view. Select Save.

  4. To add a card, select the Add card button.

    Add Section button

  5. To add a section, select the Create section button.

  6. To edit the section title, select the Edit icon button.

    • If you leave the section title empty, this line will be hidden.
  7. To delete a section, select the Delete icon button.

Rearranging sections and cards

In the sections view, you can rearrange sections and cards by dragging them to a new location. This is not yet possible in other views.

  1. To edit your dashboard, in the top right corner, select the pencil icon.

  2. To rearrange sections, hold the Move icon button and move the card.

    Rearranging sections by dragging Rearranging sections by dragging

  3. To rearrange cards, tap and hold the card and move it to your desired location.

    Rearranging cards by dragging Rearranging cards by dragging

Check out the demo

Check out the demo from the March live stream on dashboards.

About the sections view layout

To learn all about the design decisions and the grid layout used for the sections view, refer to the Dashboard chapter 1 blog post.

YAML configuration

Configuration Variables

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