0.95: AdGuard, Life360, Plaato Airlock


It is time for release 0.95, and guess what? It’s good! First things first, did you see the new Raspberry Pi 4? 3x as fast as the model 3, gigabit ethernet port actually supports gigabit speeds now, faster memory read/write, oh well, faster everything! The benchmarks are impressive. Best of all? The base price stayed the same. However, you can now also pay more for upgraded models with more memory, which is great if you like to install all the hass.io add-ons.

Talking about Hass.io support, we’ve received ours and work to add support will start shortly 🚀. Since we’re discussing Raspberry Pi’s, can we talk SD cards really quick? Quality matters. When you buy SD Cards get the pro variants, preferably the ones that are class A1 or, even better, class A2. The A stands for application and they are optimized for running apps, like Home Assistant.

RV Assistant

Home Assistant is not just limited to homes. Recently we had a boat owner on Home Assistant podcast episode 48, and Home Assistant also powers recreational vehicles (RV) (like this schoolbus).

With this release, we’re making integrating Home Assistant into moving vehicles so much easier. In the last release, we introduced support for the core config to be updated without restarting Home Assistant. This release brings it a step further and introduces a new service homeassistant.set_location. With this service, you can automatically change the location that Home Assistant is located. Once updated, it automatically updates all the things that rely on the location, like your sunset triggers and your current weather (only Met supported now).

AdGuard Home - local ad-and-tracker blocking

Here at Home Assistant, we’re big fans of privacy and we’re always working on improving it. So this brings us to AdGuard. AdGuard Home is a local DNS server that automatically blocks any device looking up a domain that is used to serve ads, spreads malware, or isn’t appropriate for your kids. Thanks to @frenck, starting release 0.95, it has a top-notch integration with Home Assistant:

One cool new feature: because parental control is now available as a switch, you can control AdGuard via Alexa and Google: “Hey Google, turn on parental control” 😲.

Screenshot of Frenck during his stream demoing AdGuard. Frenck shows a demo of the AdGuard integration during his stream. See the demo.


More goodies. Keep paying attention as we’re not done yet. Also new in 0.95 is the Life360 integration thanks to the hard work by @pnbruckner. This integration started its life a little over 360 days ago on the forums as a custom integration and has now become part of Home Assistant. Life360 is an app to allow friends or family members to share location with each other.

If you are migrating from the custom integration, please read the instructions.

Improved Alexa integration

One more thing… This release improves the Home Assistant Cloud Alexa integration. Just like Google Assistant, it is now possible to manage which entities are exposed to Amazon via the user interface. Alexa actually offers some cool features around this. Any change you make is instantly reflected inside Alexa. Add an entity? Control it instantly via Alexa.

However, we didn’t stop there. The manual installations of Alexa has had optional proactive state reporting since earlier this year, and this is now available for Home Assistant Cloud users too. If you choose to opt-in to this, every state change of your exposed entities is sent to Amazon as soon as they happen. It allows Amazon Echos with displays, to instantly reflect the state and allows you to create routines inside Amazon powered by your Home Assistant entities.

More icons available

Austin Andrews, the lead designer of Material Design Icons, informed us that Material Design Icons 3.7.95 has been released. It includes a handful of the top requested Home Assistant icons (and a total of 100 new icons!).

Noteworthy backward-incompatible changes

For the last couple of releases, we’ve been printing warnings if your configuration contained invalid slugs or extra keys. Starting with this release, these warnings are now errors. No procrastination anymore, you’ll need to fix it now.

We have also realized that the default database clean up task never automatically ran as intended. Instead of running every night, cleaning up your history so that it only contains the last 10 days, it never ran. Oopsie. We’ve fixed it in this release, so now the defaults kick in. Want to adjust how much history you want to retain? Check the docs.

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