The meteo_france integration uses the meteorological data from Météo-France to provide weather forecast for any location in the world with a focus on France. One or more locations can be set via the front end or via the configuration file.

The integration support the following platforms within Home Assistant:

It displays the current weather along with a 5 days forecast and create sensors, including weather alerts and 1 hour rain forecast when available.


To add the Météo-France integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Weather platform

To be used with the weather dashboard card to access current condition, today and next four days (default) or hours forecast.

Sensor platforms

All the following sensors will be created :

Entity Description Enabled by default
cloud The current cloud cover in % Yes
daily_original_condition The daily original weather condition No
freeze_chance Probability of temperature below 0°C in the following hours Yes
next_rain Datetime of the next rain if expected within the next hour (see note below) Yes
original_condition The current original weather condition No
precipitation Precipitation cumulation for next 24 hours in mm Yes
pressure The current pressure in hPa No
rain_chance Probability of rain in the following hours Yes
snow_chance Probability of snow for the following hours Yes
temperature The current temperature in °C No
uv The current UV index Yes
weather_alert Weather alert status (see note below) Yes
wind_gust The current wind gust speed in km/h No
wind_speed The current wind speed in km/h No

Warning: The probability entities data are not always provided by the API. They are added only if available.

To enable an entity disabled by default, go in Settings -> Devices & Services, click on the city name in Météo-France and then the X entities link. You will have the list of the enabled entities. Here click the filter button and select Show disable entities. The disabled entities will be visible in the list, select the one you want to enable and click the Enable Selected button.

About next_rain condition sensor


The 1 hour rain forecast is supported for more than 75 % of metropolitan France.

Rain coverage map

The attributes allow to have a forecast of the rain type by 5 to 10 minutes intervals:

  • forecast_time_ref give a timestamp in ISO format UTC, corresponding to the start of the forecast.
  • 1_hour_forecast is a dictionary to access the type of rain for the next hour for each periods.

“Type of rain” values are given by Météo-France API. Values already noted are:

  • Temps sec
  • Pluie faible
  • Pluie modérée
  • Pluie forte


forecast_time_ref: '2020-08-20T19:25:00+00:00'
  0 min: Temps sec
  5 min: Temps sec
  10 min: Temps sec
  15 min: Temps sec
  20 min: Temps sec
  25 min: Pluie faible
  35 min: Pluie faible
  45 min: Pluie modérée
  55 min: Pluie modérée

About weather_alert sensor


The weather alert is available for the metropolitan France and Andorre.

The weather_alert sensor state give the current weather alert status for the department linked to the city. Only one entity by department is created.

The sensor attributes give access to each type of alerts raised by Météo-France.