The meteo_france integration uses the Météo-France web service as a source for meteorological data for your location. The location is based on the city configured in your configuration.yaml file.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Sensor
  • Weather

It displays the current weather along with a 4 days forecast and can create sensors based on the monitored_conditions set in your configuration.yaml file, including weather alerts from Vigilance Météo-France


To add Météo-France to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - city: '76000'

Configuration Variables



Name of the city (see below).



The conditions types to monitor.


The current temperature.


A human-readable text summary of the current conditions.


The wind speed.


The current UV index.


Time to the next rain if happening for the next hour (see note below).


Probability of temperature below 0°C for the day.


Probability of rain for the day.


Probability of snow for the day.


Probability of thunderstorm for the day.


Weather alert status.

About city configuration

This integration use the Météo-France search API to get the first city from the results returned.

It works well with french postal code, city name, etc. In case your expected result doesn’t come first, you can set a more specified query like <city name>, <postal_code>.

It also works with international city, with mixed results. You may have to find the correct city query. For example Montreal, Canada will return a city in Ardèche, France, whereas Montreal, america works


# Example configuration.yaml entry for Montreal, Canada
  - city: 'montreal,amerique'

About next_rain condition sensor

The 1 hour rain forecast is supported for more than 75 % of metropolitan France.
You can check if your city is covered on the Météo-France website.

The next_rain sensor value is the time to next rain, from 0 to 55 minutes. If no rain is forecasted for the next hour, value will be “No rain”.

Attributes also give the forecast for the next hour in 5 minutes intervals. Possible value for each intervals attributes are:

  • 1 No rain
  • 2 Light rain
  • 3 Moderate rain
  • 4 Heavy rain

About weather_alert sensor

The weather alert is available for the metropolitan France.

The weather_alert sensor value give the current weather alert status for the department linked to the city. Data is retrieve from Météo-France vigilance website.

The sensor attributes give access to each type of alerts and date of the bulletin emitted by Météo-France.

Complete example

This is an example for 3 cities forecast with different monitored conditions:

# Complete example configuration.yaml entry
  - city: 'Rouen'
        - rain_chance
        - freeze_chance
        - thunder_chance
        - snow_chance
        - weather
        - next_rain
        - wind_speed
        - temperature
        - uv
        - weather_alert
  - city: 'Oslo, norvege'
      - temperature
  - city: '51100'