Somfy MyLink

The Somfy MyLink integration is used as an interface to a compatible Somfy MyLink hub utilizing the Synergy API. It allows the addition of covers from the Somfy MyLink platform to Home Assistant.

To use your compatible Somfy MyLink devices in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  host: IP_ADDRESS
  system_id: SYSTEM_ID

Configuration Variables


The IP address of the Somfy MyLink hub device.


The System ID of the Somfy MyLink hub. This can be found in the Integration menu in the mobile app.

default_reverseboolean(Optional, default: false)

Sets the default reversal status of the cover. Possible values are true or false. This value can be applied on a per-cover basis (see entity_config below)


Configuration for specific cover entities. All subordinate keys are the corresponding entity ids to the domains, e.g., cover.bedroom_blinds.


Additional options for specific entities.

reverseboolean(Optional, default: false)

Reverses the direction of the cover. Possible values are true or false.

# Advanced configuration.yaml entry setting specific options on a per-cover basis
  host: IP_ADDRESS
  system_id: SYSTEM_ID
  default_reverse: true
        reverse: false