This integration sets up integration with Plaato Airlock and Keg.

Plaato Airlock

A tool for beer brewers that wants a unique insight into the fermentation process. With this integration, you get all your fermentation data available in Home Assistant!

Plaato Keg

The first all-in-one system that keeps a track of important aspects of your keg’s, including:

  • The Level of beer inside the keg
  • Pouring Status
  • Temperature


To configure a Plaato device, you must set it up via the integrations panel in the Home Assistant frontend.

You have two options to choose from: webhook and auth_token. The webhook is only available for the Airlock at the moment.

Auth token

To be able to query the API an auth_token is required which can be obtained by following these instructions.

Webhook (Airlock only)

The configuration step will give you the webhook URL to use in the PLAATO mobile app. It should be pasted in configuration on the tab “Webhook”. More information can be found here.

This sensor platform was not made by Plaato. It is not official, not developed, and not supported by Plaato.