The mastodon platform uses Mastodon to deliver notifications from Home Assistant.


Go to Preferences in the Mastodon web interface, then to Development and create a new application. If you want to grant only required accesses, uncheck all checkboxes then check only read:accounts and write:statuses.


To add Mastodon to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    platform: mastodon
    access_token: !secret mastodon_access_token
    client_id: !secret mastodon_client_id
    client_secret: !secret mastodon_client_secret

Configuration Variables

name string (Optional, default: notify)

The optional parameter name allows multiple notifiers to be created. The notifier will bind to the service notify.NOTIFIER_NAME.

access_token string Required

Your Mastodon access token.

client_id string Required

Your Mastodon client ID

client_secret string Required

Your Mastodon client secret.

base_url string (Optional)

URL of the Mastodon instance to use.

To use notifications, please see the getting started with automation page.