Automating Home Assistant

Once your devicesA device is a model representing a physical or logical unit that contains entities. are set up, it’s time to put the cherry on the pie: automationAutomations in Home Assistant allow you to automatically respond to things that happen in and around your home.[Learn more].

We’re going to create a simple automation to turn on the lights when the sun sets. Of course, this assumes that you have set up an integration that provides a light at this point.

Automatically turn on the lights before sunset

  1. Go to Settings > Automations & scenes and in the lower right corner, select the Create Automation button.

    The automation editor.

    • You are presented with a blank automation screen.

      The start of a new automation.

  2. The first step is defining what should triggerA trigger is a set of values or conditions of a platform that are defined to cause an automation to run.[Learn more] the automation to run.

    • In this case, we want to use the event of the sun setting to trigger our automation.
    • Select Add trigger, type Sun and select it. Use the sun as trigger.
  3. Select Sunset.

    • We want the automation to be triggered a little before that, so let’s add -00:30 as the offset. This indicates that the automation will be triggered 30 minutes before sunset. Neat!

    A new automation with a sun trigger filled in.

  4. Once we have defined our trigger, we need to define what should happen.

    • Select Add action.
    • Type Ser and select Call service
  5. Select Light > Turn on or directly enter light.turn_on.

    • For this automation, we’re going to turn on all lights in the living room, so let’s select the Area.
    • This only works if your lights are assigned to an areaAn area in Home Assistant is a logical grouping of devices and entities that are meant to match areas (or rooms) in the physical world: your home. For example, the living room area groups devices and entities in your living room..

    A new automation with the action set up to turn on the lights in the living room.

  6. To save the automation, select Save, give the automation a name and Save again.

    • Now wait till it’s 30 minutes until the sun sets and see your automation magic!

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