An area in Home Assistant is a logical grouping of devicesA device is a model representing a physical or logical unit that contains entities. and entitiesAn entity represents a sensor, actor, or function in Home Assistant. Entities are used to monitor physical properties or to control other entities. An entity is usually part of a device or a service.
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that are meant to match areas (or rooms) in the physical world of your home. For example, the “Living room” area groups devices and entities in your living room. Areas allow you to target an entire group of devices with a service call. For example, turning off all the lights in the living room. Areas can be assigned to floors. Areas can also be used to automatically generate cards, such as the Area card.

Creating an area

Follow these steps to create a new area from the Areas view.

  1. Go to Settings > Areas, labels & zones and select Create area.

  2. In the dialog, enter the area details:

    • Give the area a Name (required).
    • Add an icon (We use Material icons).
    • Assign the area to a floor.
      • If you have not created floors yet, you can create a new one.
      • The number can be negative. For example for underground floors.
      • This number can later be used for sorting.
    • Add an image representing that area.
    • Add an Alias.
      • Aliases are alternative names used in voice assistants to refer to an area, entity, or floor.

    Create area dialog

  3. Select Add.

    Result: A new area is created.

Assigning areas to floors and add labels

If an area has not yet been assigned to a floor, it is shown in the Unassigned areas section. Follow these steps to assign an area to a floor.

  1. Go to Settings > Areas, labels & zones and select Create area.
  2. On the area card, select the pencil icon.
  3. In the dialog, select the floor and add labels, if you like.

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