A floor in Home Assistant is a logical grouping of areas meant to match your home’s physical floors. Devices and entities cannot be assigned to floors directly but to areas. Floors can be used in automations and scripts as a target for actions. For example, to turn off all the lights on the downstairs floor when you go to bed.

Creating a floor

Follow these steps to create a new floor.

  1. Go to Settings > Areas, labels & zones and select Create floor.

  2. In the dialog, enter the floor details:

    • Give the floor a Name (required).
    • Add a floor Level.
      • The number can be negative. For example for underground floors.
      • This number can later be used for sorting.
    • Add an icon (We use Material icons).
    • Add an Alias.
      • Aliases are alternative names used in voice assistants to refer to an entity, area, or floor.

    Create floor dialog

  3. Select Add.

    Result: A new floor is created.

    Create floor dialog

  4. You can now assign areas to that floor.

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