Adding Integrations

Let’s start by adding your first integrationIntegrations connect and integrate Home Assistant with your devices, services, and more. [Learn more] so that you can see and change a smart home deviceA device is a model representing a physical or logical unit that contains entities. .

From the sidebar, select Settings > Devices & Services. At this screen you will be able to set up integrations with Home Assistant. You might notice a Discovered section. This section contains integrations that were found on your network and can easily be added with a few clicks. If your integrations are not discovered, click the Add integration button in the lower right and search for your integration in that list.

In this example, we’ll add a Chromecast to Home Assistant. Chromecast uses the Google Cast integration. Although the below example has already discovered the device, let’s add it manually.

First, press the Add integration button in the lower right and search for your integration in that list.

Search for Google Cast

Select Google Cast from the list. Because my Chromecast device was already discovered, it asks if I want to add the discovered one or a different one. I will choose the latter and setup another instance.

Google Cast discovered confirmation

It now asks for the network IP address of the device. Describing how to identify a devices IP address is beyond the scope of this article because each network is different. However, the router is usually a good place to look. In this example, it’s

Manually setup Google Cast device

If it was successful, it will show a message and allow you to set the areaAn area in Home Assistant is a logical grouping of devices and entities that are meant to match areas (or rooms) in the physical world: your home. For example, the living room area groups devices and entities in your living room. it belongs to.

Search for Google Cast

When you’re done, navigate back to the web interface and voila, your devices are ready for you to control. You can always go back to add and remove integrations in the future.

If you get stuck, need more information, or want to see what the setup process is like, use the integration documentation.

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