Troubleshooting your configuration

It can happen that you run into trouble while configuring Home Assistant. Perhaps a component is not showing up or is acting strangely. This page will discuss a few of the most common problems.

Before we dive into common issues, make sure you know where your configuration directory is. Home Assistant will print out the configuration directory it is using when starting up.

Whenever a component or configuration option results in a warning, it will be stored in home-assistant.log in the configuration directory. This file is reset on start of Home Assistant.

My component does not show up

When a component does not show up, many different things can be the case. Before you try any of these steps, make sure to look at the home-assistant.log file and see if there are any errors related to your component you are trying to set up.

If you have incorrect entries in your configuration files you can use the check_config script to assist in identifying them: hass --script check_config. If you need to provide the path for your configuration you can do this using the -c argument like this: hass --script check_config -c /path/to/your/config/dir.

Problems with the configuration

One of the most common problems with Home Assistant is an invalid configuration.yaml file.

  • You can test your configuration using the command line with: hass --script check_config. On you can use the hassio command: hassio homeassistant check.
  • You can verify your configuration’s yaml structure using this online YAML parser or YAML Lint.
  • To learn more about the quirks of YAML, read YAML IDIOSYNCRASIES by SaltStack (the examples there are specific to SaltStack, but do explain YAML issues well).

configuration.yaml does not allow multiple sections to have the same name. If you want to load multiple platforms for one component, you can append a number or string to the name or nest them using this style:

  - platform: forecast
  - platform: bitcoin

Another common problem is that a required configuration setting is missing. If this is the case, the component will report this to home-assistant.log. You can have a look at the various component pages for instructions on how to setup the components.

See the logger component for instructions on how to define the level of logging you require for specific modules.

If you find any errors or want to expand the documentation, please let us know.

Problems with dependencies

Almost all components have external dependencies to communicate with your devices and services. Sometimes Home Assistant is unable to install the necessary dependencies. If this is the case, it should show up in home-assistant.log.

The first step is trying to restart Home Assistant and see if the problem persists. If it does, look at the log to see what the error is. If you can’t figure it out, please report it so we can investigate what is going on.

Problems with components

It can happen that some components either do not work right away or stop working after Home Assistant has been running for a while. If this happens to you, please report it so that we can have a look.

Multiple files

If you are using multiple files for your setup, make sure that the pointers are correct and the format of the files is valid.

light: !include devices/lights.yaml
sensor: !include devices/sensors.yaml

Contents of lights.yaml (notice it does not contain light: ):

- platform: hyperion

Contents of sensors.yaml:

- platform: mqtt
  name: "Room Humidity"
  state_topic: "room/humidity"
- platform: mqtt
  name: "Door Motion"
  state_topic: "door/motion"

Whenever you report an issue, be aware that we are volunteers who do not have access to every single device in the world nor unlimited time to fix every problem out there.

Entity names

The only characters valid in entity names are:

  • Lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Underscores

If you create an entity with other characters then Home Assistant may not generate an error for that entity. However you will find that attempts to use that entity will generate errors (or possibly fail silently).