Onboarding Home Assistant

Alright, you made it here. The tough part is done.

With Home Assistant installed, it’s time for doing the initial configuration. Here you will create the owner account of Home Assistant. This account will be an administrator and will always be able to change everything. Enter a name, username, password and click on “create account”.

Now you’re brought to the main screen of Home Assistant: the states screen. The states screen will show all your devices. So let’s get that screen filled up!

Open the menu on the top left and click on Configuration. On the next screen, click on Integrations. At this screen you will be able to set up integrations with Home Assistant. You might notice a “discovered” section, these are integrations that we found on your network and can easily be added with a few clicks. If your integrations are not discovered, find them in the list and click on configure.

The integrations page in the configurations panel shows you all your configured integrations.

When each integration is done setting up, it will ask you to put the new devices in areas. Areas allow you to organize all the devices in your home.

When you’re done, navigate back to the states panel and voila, your devices are ready for you to control.

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