0.80: Lovelace updates, webhooks, TRÅDFRI switches


October 12, 2018. 12 days into Hacktoberfest and it’s been busier than ever on the repositories. On the main repo, 43 open, 104 closed. How the documentation team is still alive, I don’t know: 26 open, 234 closed. If you’ve opened a contribution that is pending a response, that’s probably because we’re busy elsewhere or are taking some well deserved rest.

Alright, new release, we got some cool stuff! Let’s start with our Lovelace UI. We have integrated into Lovelace UI some of the custom cards that our amazing community have built, making them easily accessible to all users. The cards are Gauge and Sensor:

Screenshot of new Gauge and Sensor cards

Next up is a new way to get data into Home Assistant: webhooks. With the introduction of auth and with the introduction of long-lived access tokens, we realized that it’s still annoying to have to give full HA access to an app just to get a piece of information in Home Assistant. So with webhooks we can generate unique URLs that are inprobable to guess, and data delivered to the webhook will only go to the designated automation or component. This feature is available for component developers to integrate, or for users via the new automation webhook trigger.

Screenshot of configuring IFTTT Configuring IFTTT via th integrations panel.

On the devices side, we got basic support for the new IKEA TRÅDFRI switches, Honeywell evohome controllers (EU-based) and if you want to control your pool, you can now do that with the new AquaLogic integration.

New Platforms

Release 0.80.1 - October 15

Release 0.80.2 - October 17

Release 0.80.3 - October 18

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