Input Boolean

The Input Boolean helper integration allows you to define boolean values that can be controlled via the user interface and can be used within conditions of an automationAutomations in Home Assistant allow you to automatically respond to things that happen in and around your home.
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. This can for example be used to disable or enable certain automations by using them in their conditionsConditions are an optional part of an automation that will prevent an action from firing if they are not met.
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The preferred way to configure input boolean helpers is via the user interface, in which they are known as Toggle Helpers. To add one, go to Settings > Devices & Services > Helpers and click the add button; next choose the Toggle option.

To be able to add Helpers via the user interface you should have default_config: in your configuration.yaml, it should already be there by default unless you removed it. If you removed default_config: from your configuration, you must add input_boolean: to your configuration.yaml first, then you can use the UI.

Input booleans can also be configured via configuration.yaml:

Configuration Variables

input_boolean map Required

Alias for the input. Multiple entries are allowed.

name string (Optional)

Friendly name of the input.

initial boolean (Optional, default: false)

Initial value when Home Assistant starts.

icon icon (Optional)

Icon to display in front of the input element in the frontend.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    name: Notify when someone arrives home
    icon: mdi:car


This integration provides the following servicesA service carries out one specific task, for example: turn on the light in the living room. A service has targets and data and can be called by actions, a dashboard, or via voice command.
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to modify the state of the input_boolean and a service to reload the configuration without restarting Home Assistant itself.

Service Data Description
turn_on entity_id(s)
Set the value of specific input_boolean entities to on
turn_off entity_id(s)
Set the value of specific input_boolean entities to off
toggle entity_id(s)
Toggle the value of specific input_boolean entities
reload Reload input_boolean configuration

Restore state

If you set a valid value for initial this integration will start with the state set to that value. Otherwise, it will restore the state it had prior to Home Assistant stopping.

Automation examples

Here’s an example of an automation using the above input_boolean. This action will only occur if the input_boolean is on.

  alias: "Arriving home"
    - platform: state
      entity_id: binary_sensor.motion_garage
      to: "on"
    - condition: state
      entity_id: input_boolean.notify_home
      state: "on"
    - service: notify.pushbullet
        title: ""
        message: "Honey, I'm home!"

You can also set or change the status of an input_boolean by using input_boolean.turn_on, input_boolean.turn_off or input_boolean.toggle in your automation action.

service: input_boolean.turn_on
  entity_id: input_boolean.notify_home