The keyboard integration simulates key presses on the host machine. It currently offers the following Buttons as a Service (BaaS):

  • keyboard/volume_up
  • keyboard/volume_down
  • keyboard/volume_mute
  • keyboard/media_play_pause
  • keyboard/media_next_track
  • keyboard/media_prev_track

To load this component, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:



You may need to install platform-specific dependencies for PyUserInput in order to use the keyboard component. In most cases this can be done by running:

pip3 install [package name]


x64 Windows users may have trouble installing pywin through pip. Using an executable installer should work around this issue.

Similar installers (unofficial) for pyhook have been ported to Python 3.4 and should help with x64 pip issues with pyhook.