BMW Connected Drive

The bmw_connected_drive integration lets you retrieve data of your BMW vehicle from the BMW Connected Drive portal. You need to have a working BMW Connected Drive account, and a Connected Drive enabled vehicle for this to work.

The bmw_connected_drive integration also works with (recent) Mini vehicles. You need to have a working Mini Connected account, and a Mini Connected enabled vehicle for this to work.

For compatibility with your BMW vehicle check the bimmer_connected page on GitHub.

This integration provides the following platforms:

  • Binary Sensors: Doors, windows, condition based services, check control messages, parking lights, door lock state, charging status (electric cars) and connections status (electric cars).
  • Device tracker: The location of your car.
  • Lock: Control the lock of your car.
  • Sensors: Mileage, remaining range, remaining fuel, charging time remaining (electric cars), charging status (electric cars), remaining range electric (electric cars).
  • Notifications: Send messages or Points of Interest (POI) to your car.
  • Services: Turn on air condition, sound the horn, flash the lights, update the vehicle location and update the state. More details can be found here.


To enable this integration in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    region: one of "north_america", "china", "rest_of_world"

Configuration Variables

bmw_connected_drive map Required


name string Required

Name of your account in Home Assistant.

username string Required

Your BMW Connected Drive username.

password string Required

Your BMW Connected Drive password.

region string Required

The region of your Connected Drive account. Please use one of these values: north_america, china, rest_of_world

read_only boolean (Optional, default: false)

In read only mode, all services including the lock of the vehicle are disabled.


The bmw_connected_drive integration offers a notification service. Using this service you can send messages or Points of Interest (POI) to your vehicle. In your vehicle you can select this POI and the navigation will automatically start using the POI as a destination. The name of the service is notify.bmw_connected_drive_<your_vehicle>.


A few examples on how to use the notification service.

Send a text message to your vehicle

  service: notify.bmw_connected_drive_<your_vehicle>
    title: Message from Home Assistant # optional, will default to "Home Assistant" when left empty
    message: The text of the message you want to send to your vehicle

Send a Point of Interest to your vehicle

  service: notify.bmw_connected_drive_<your_vehicle>
    message: The name of the POI # this is shown on the iDrive dashboard
        latitude: 48.177024
        longitude: 11.559107
        street: Street name  # Optional
        city: City name  # Optional
        postal_code: Postal Code  # Optional
        country: Country  # Optional


The bmw_connected_drive integration offers several services. In case you need to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) as a parameter, you can see the VIN in the attributes of the device tracker for the vehicle. The VIN is a 17 digit alphanumeric string, e.g., WBANXXXXXX1234567.

Using these services will impact the state of your vehicle. So use these services with care!

Locking and unlocking

The vehicle can be locked and unlocked via the lock integration that is created automatically for each vehicle. Before invoking these services, make sure it’s safe to lock/unlock the vehicle in the current situation.

Air condition

The air condition of the vehicle can be activated with the service bmw_connected_drive.activate_air_conditioning.

What exactly is started here depends on the type of vehicle. It might range from just ventilation over auxiliary heating to real air conditioning. If your vehicle is equipped with auxiliary heating, only trigger this service if the vehicle is parked in a location where it is safe to use it (e.g., not in an underground parking or closed garage).

The vehicle is identified via the parameter vin.

Sound the horn

The service bmw_connected_drive.sound_horn sounds the horn of the vehicle. This option is not available in some countries (among which the UK). Use this feature responsibly, as it might annoy your neighbors. The vehicle is identified via the parameter vin.

Flash the lights

The service bmw_connected_drive.light_flash flashes the lights of the vehicle. The vehicle is identified via the parameter vin.

Vehicle finder

The service bmw_connected_drive.find_vehicle requests the vehicle to update the GPS location. This can be used for older vehicles which don’t automatically send the updated GPS location. The vehicle is identified via the parameter vin.

Update the state

The service bmw_connected_drive.update_state fetches the last state of the vehicles of all your accounts from the BMW server. This does not trigger an update from the vehicle; it gets the data from the BMW servers. So this service does not interact with your vehicles.

This service does not require any attributes.


This software is not affiliated with or endorsed by BMW Group.