Alarm control panel

Home Assistant can give you an interface which is similar to a classic alarm system. Please see manual alarm or template alarm for alarm configuration.


Building block integration

This alarm control panel is a building block integration that cannot be added to your Home Assistant directly but is used and provided by other integrations.

A building block integration differs from the typical integration that connects to a device or service. Instead, other integrations that do integrate a device or service into Home Assistant use this alarm control panel building block to provide entities, services, and other functionality that you can use in your automations or dashboards.

If one of your integrations features this building block, this page documents the functionality the alarm control panel building block offers.


Depending on features supported by a specific integration alarm may expose the following services:

Service Data Description
alarm_arm_home entity_id
code (optional)
Arm the alarm in the home mode.
alarm_arm_away entity_id
code (optional)
Arm the alarm in the away mode.
alarm_arm_night entity_id
code (optional)
Arm the alarm in the night mode.
alarm_arm_vacation entity_id
code (optional)
Arm the alarm in the vacation mode.
alarm_disarm entity_id
code (optional)
Disarm the alarm.
alarm_trigger entity_id
code (optional)
Trigger the alarm manually.
alarm_arm_custom_bypass entity_id
code (optional)
Send arm custom bypass command.