0.82: TensorFlow, Lovelace UI edit, Z-Wave Barrier Class


It’s time for another great release. As this includes the tail-end of HacktoberFest, it’s packed again with stuff. Hope you like stuff.

I want to do a shout out to all the people who help with the documentation. Since the beginning of HacktoberFest, we’ve seen 953 PRs get merged, 953! Especially thanks to @klaasnicolaas who has converted 240 pages to the new configuration format. DAAAAANG.

We also got some cool new features. The first one being that you can now use TensorFlow, a machine learning framework, to detect objects on your cameras thanks to the hard work by @hunterjm. Check out the docs for more info.

Next up is that @rohankapoorcom has been working hard on converting more integrations to the Webhook format. This allows for easy setting up via the UI and generates difficult to guess urls. This release includes Mailgun, Twilio and DialogFlow.

The frontend team has been BUSY. We’re prepping Lovelace for general release and slowly all pieces are coming together. This release introduces an experimental, alpha, ultra-raw, (enough warnings already?) UI editor for Lovelace cards. It requires that your card has an ID but then, it just works. Including a live preview of the config you’re editing.

Screenshot of editing a Lovelace card Screenshot of editing a Lovelace card.

Also frontend related, in version 0.81 we removed all config splitting functions for ui-lovelace.yaml, we are happy to report that we managed to add back support for !secret and !include. The rest of the config splitting commands you are used to in configuration.yaml will not be available for Lovelace. Mind that you can not edit content in !include from the UI, and !secret cannot be used in the UI or preview at the moment.

And we have one more thing… we have soft-forked Open Z-Wave and have added support for the barrier command class! This means that now you will be able to control your garage doors from Z-Wave without compiling Open Z-Wave yourself. We’ll continue to monitor what other features we can add to our fork while remaining close to the OZW project.

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Release 0.82.1 - November 15

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