Geolocation aware entities are typically related to events in the real world in the vicinity of Home Assistant’s location, like for example weather events, bush fires or earthquakes.

Entities can have associated geolocation coordinates (latitude and longitude) so that they are displayed on the map. The distance from the entity’s coordinates to Home Assistant’s location can be used for filtering.

Building block integration

This geolocation is a building block integration that cannot be added to your Home Assistant directly but is used and provided by other integrations.

A building block integration differs from the typical integration that connects to a device or service. Instead, other integrations that do integrate a device or service into Home Assistant use this geolocation building block to provide entities, services, and other functionality that you can use in your automations or dashboards.

If one of your integrations features this building block, this page documents the functionality the geolocation building block offers.

Geolocation trigger

The Geolocation trigger can be used in automations triggered by Geolocation entities appearing in or disappearing from zones. The following value must be used as source of the trigger depending on which platform is managing the entities:

Platform Source
GeoJSON Events geo_json_events
GeoNet New Zealand Quakes geonetnz_quakes
Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) gdacs
IGN Sismología ign_sismologia
NSW Rural Fire Service Incidents nsw_rural_fire_service_feed
Queensland Bushfire Alert qld_bushfire
U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program usgs_earthquakes_feed

Conditions can be used to further filter entities, for example by inspecting their state attributes.

Geolocation notification example

The following example automation creates a notification on the screen when a fire classified as ‘Bush Fire’ is reported within a predefined bush fire alert zone:

  - platform: nsw_rural_fire_service_feed
      - 'Emergency Warning'
      - 'Watch and Act'
      - 'Advice'

  - name: Bush Fire Alert Zone
    latitude: -36.666667
    longitude: 149.833333
    radius: 15000
    passive: true

  - alias: "Bush Fire Alert"
      platform: geo_location
      source: nsw_rural_fire_service_feed
      zone: zone.bush_fire_alert_zone
      event: enter
      condition: template
      value_template: "{{ trigger.to_state.attributes.type == 'Bush Fire' }}"
      - service: persistent_notification.create
          message: "{{ }} - {{ trigger.to_state.attributes.status }}"
          title: "Bush Fire Alert"