The august integration allows you to integrate your August and some Yale Access devices in Home Assistant.


To add the August integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

August can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If an instance was found, it will be shown as Discovered. You can then set it up right away.

Known working devices

Device Requires Connect Bridge or Doorbell
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Gen 4) no
August Smart Lock Pro (Gen 3) yes
August Smart Lock (Gen 2) yes
August Smart Lock (Gen 1) no
August Doorbell Cam (Gen 1, Gen2) no
August View no
Yale Assure Lock yes
Yale Assure Lock 2 yes
Yale Conexis L1 yes
Yale Conexis L2 yes
Yale Doorman L3 yes
Yale Linus yes
Yale Smart Safe yes

Other devices not listed above have not been tested and may not function as expected.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Doorbell
  • Binary sensor
  • Button
  • Sensor
  • Camera
  • Lock
Most devices will need either August Connect Bridge or Doorbell to connect to Home Assistant.

Known issues with battery reporting

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Gen 4) uses different battery technology (lithium-ion) than the other locks. The battery charge value reported by the lock detail API has frequently been reported as incorrect for these models.

Other August locks expect to be powered by AA alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries. Rechargeable batteries in these locks will result in incorrect reporting of battery charge.

Push updates not available for some entities

While most entities can be updated via the push API, August/Yale does not offer a push API for some data, which means these entities will update slower:

  • Doorbell ding sensor (Doorman models only)
  • Lock Battery sensor
  • Lock Operation sensor

Binary sensor

If you have an August Doorbell, once you have enabled the August integration, you should see following sensors:

  • Doorbell ding sensor
  • Doorbell motion sensor
  • Doorbell online sensor

If you have an August Smart Lock with DoorSense, once you have enabled the August integration, you should see the following sensors:

  • Door sensor


Buttons are created to wake locks from a deep sleep. If your lock is not reporting a status, it may be in a deep sleep, and the button can be used to wake it. Locks are not automatically woken from deep sleep to preserve battery life.


The august camera platform allows you to view the latest camera image (triggered by motion) by your August device in Home Assistant.


If you have an August Doorbell with a battery, once you have enabled the August integration, you should see the following sensors:

  • Doorbell Battery

If you have an August Smart Lock, once you have enabled the August integration, you should see the following sensors:

  • Lock Battery
  • Lock Operation

If you have an August Keypad, once you have enabled the August integration, you should see the following sensors:

  • Keypad Battery

Integration with Yale Access Bluetooth

Following Assa Abloy, Yale’s parent company, purchasing August in 2017, most newer devices use the Yale Access branding.

The Yale Access Bluetooth integration provides local control over Bluetooth of many Yale Access locks and some August locks that use the same system.

For locks that support the Yale Access system, the August integration can keep your offline access keys up to date to ensure you can operate your lock over Bluetooth. The following requirements must be met for the offline key updates to work:

Troubleshooting offline keys updates

  • If you do not know which account has the offline keys, configure August integration with each different Owner account until you find the one that holds the keys. You may need to make a new owner account and grant the account access to your lock to force the keys to synchronize with the cloud service.
  • Ensure the lock is in range and discoverable by the Yale Access Bluetooth integration.

Presence detection with lock operation

Using the lock operation sensors, you can detect when a user operates a lock and is physically present (not remote). The below automation example (added to automations.yaml) will trigger when the user named “John Doe” in August locks or unlocks the door from the keypad (if present), via Bluetooth from their phone, or by auto-unlock. The state of the sensor will be the name of the party operating the lock as returned by August.

- id: "1583706446906"
  alias: "joe_doe_front_door_operate"
  description: John Doe locks or unlocks the Front Door
  - entity_id: sensor.front_door_operator
    platform: state
    to: John Doe
  - condition: template
    value_template: "{{ not state_attr('sensor.front_door_operator', 'remote') }}"
  - data: {}
    entity_id: camera.inside
    service: camera.turn_off