DTE Energy Bridge

A sensor platform for the DTE Energy Bridge. To find out which version of the DTE Energy Bridge sensor you have, find the status LED on your box.

  • If the status LED is on the top, you have a v1.
  • If the status LED is on the front, you have a v2.

The firmware of the DTE v2 bridges that started shipping circa mid-2020 will not work with this integration.

You can check if your firmware is still supported by trying accessing http://{ip_address}:8888/zigbee/se/instantaneousdemand, and see if you get a response.

To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: dte_energy_bridge

Configuration Variables

ip string Required

The IP address of your bridge.

name string (Optional)

Name to use in the frontend.

version string (Optional, default: 1)

Hardware version of the sensor.