Axis Communications devices are surveillance cameras, speakers, access control and other security-related network connected hardware. Event API works with firmware 5.50 and newer.

Home Assistant will automatically discover their presence on your network.


For configuration go to the Integrations pane on your Home Assistant instance.

It is recommended that you create a user on your Axis device specifically for Home Assistant. For all sensor functionality, it is enough to create a user belonging to user group viewer. Light control requires a minimum of operator.

Troubleshooting discovery

If your device is not discovered. On your camera, go to System Options -> Advanced -> Plain Configuration. Change the drop-down box to network and click Select Group. If Network Interface I0 ZeroConf contains the 169.x.x.x IP address, unchecked the box next to Enabled for this section and click Save.

Binary Sensor

The following sensor types are supported:

  • Motion detection (VMD3/VMD4)
  • Passive IR motion detection
  • Sound detection
  • Day/night mode
  • Inputs and Supervised Inputs


Control brightness and state of IR LED lights connected to device.


The following controllable port types are supported:

  • Output
  • Relay