Conditional Card

The Conditional card displays another card based on entity states.

Configuration Variables

type stringRequired


conditions listRequired

List of entity IDs and matching states.

entity stringRequired

Home Assistant entity ID.

state string(Optional)

Entity state is equal to this value.*

state_not string(Optional)

Entity state is unequal to this value.*

card mapRequired

Card to display if all conditions match.

*one is required (state or state_not)

Note: Conditions with more than one entity are treated as an ‘and’ condition. This means that for the card to show, all entities must meet the state requirements set.


type: conditional
  - entity: light.bed_light
    state: "on"
  - entity: switch.decorative_lights
    state_not: "off"
  type: entities
    - device_tracker.demo_paulus
    - cover.kitchen_window
    - lock.kitchen_door
    - light.bed_light