Weather Forecast Card

The Weather Forecast card displays the weather. Very useful to include on interfaces that people display on the wall.

Screenshot of the weather card Screenshot of the Weather card.

To add the Weather card to your user interface, click the Lovelace menu (three dots at the top right of the screen) and then Edit Dashboard. Click the plus button in the bottom right corner and select Weather from the card picker.

Card Settings


The entity of the weather platform to use.


The name of the location where the weather platform is located. If not set, the name will be the name set on the weather entity

Show Forecast

Check this if you would like to show the upcoming forecast under the current weather.

Secondary Info Attribute

Here you can specify a secondary attribute to show under the current temperature. Ex. Extrema, Precipitation, Humidity. If not set, it will default to Extrema (High/Low) if available, if not available then Precipitation and if precipitation isn’t available then Humidity.


Theme your card using any installed theme in your HA environment.

This card works only with platforms that define a weather entity.

E.g., it works with OpenWeatherMap but not OpenWeatherMap Sensor


This is for if you use YAML mode or just prefer to use YAML in the Code Editor in the UI

Configuration Variables

type string Required


entity string Required

The entity_id of the weather platform to use.

name string (Optional, default: Entity Name)

Overwrites the friendly name.

show_forecast boolean (Optional, default: true)

Show next hours/days forecast.

secondary_info_attribute string (Optional)

Which attribute to display under the temperature.


Defaults to extrema if available, if not available then precipitation and if precipitation isn’t available then humidity.

theme string (Optional)

Set to any theme within themes.yaml


type: weather-forecast
entity: weather.openweathermap


Themeable Icons

The default weather icons are themable via a theme. Theme variables include:


Example theme configuration:

--weather-icon-cloud-front-color: white
--weather-icon-cloud-back-color: blue
--weather-icon-sun-color: orange
--weather-icon-rain-color: purple


Personal Icons

Weather icons can be overwritten with your own personal images via a theme. Theme variables include:


// If your state is not above, use this format

Example theme configuration:

--weather-icon-sunny: url("/local/sunny.png")