0.72: Lovelace UI, KIWI Doorlocks, Wireless Tags, Insteon X10.


I am super excited about this release as it brings some great examples of how we are refining the system to become more customizable and, at the same time, user friendly. The first thing that I am really excited about is a new experimental user interface that we call Lovelace. Check this awesome rundown of all the features by @ciotlosm. The TL;DR: a faster, more customizable and more extensible UI with the same look and feel as the old one.

Be aware, this is experimental, so things will change. However, we felt like we didn’t want to keep this away from you any longer. Check the Lovelace UI docs on how to get started. Make sure to share your creations!

Thanks to all the people that have been hanging out in the #beta channel on Discord helping development, finding and squashing bugs and making suggestions. Especially thanks to @c727 for all his development work and @arsaboo for being the first guinea pig.

Example user interface created using Lovelace. Example user interface created using Lovelace ([source](https://gist.github.com/ciotlosm/9508388876edf92c4c1f3579e740fbd5#file-ui-lovelace-yaml))

Another change is that Nest, Sonos and Cast will now have to be configured using a config entry. Config entries can be created via the integrations page in the config panel. This is a concept that we have been developing for a couple of months now and it’s our goal to eventually use this as the way to configure all components.

Screenshot of a browser showing a dialog to link a Nest account to Home Assistant. Screenshot of the Nest config entry.

And as if this releases even needs more cool stuff, the Insteon integration now supports X10 thanks to @teharris1. It was a frequent requested feature from the Insteon community.

And finally, we’ll be extending the open beta for Home Assistant Cloud until the first of September.

Enjoy this release and have a good weekend all!

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Release 0.72.1 - June 25

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