NSW Fuel Station Price

The nsw_fuel_station sensor platform uses the NSW Fuel Check App data as a source for current fuel price data.


To get the station ID for any NSW fuel station you will need to:

  • Visit the Fuel Check App.
  • Open the developer console of your browser (for Chrome, click View -> Developer -> Developer Tools). Click the “Network” tab in the developer console.
  • In the Fuel Check App, search for your postcode or click “Fuel Near Me”.
  • In the developer console, you should see a request to /FuelCheckApp/v1/fuel/prices/bylocation. Open this request and preview the response. Find the station you wish to add, and copy down the ServiceStationID field.


  • Select a station you wish to find the ID for.
  • Select “Report this Station”.
  • In the URL of the new page opened, locate serviceStationId.


To add the NSW fuel station price sensor to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: nsw_fuel_station
    station_id: 291

Configuration Variables

station_id string Required

The ID of the station to track

fuel_types list (Optional)

A list of fuel types to track for the station. Must be one of ["E10", "U91", "E85", "P95", "P98", "DL", "PDL", "B20", "LPG", "CNG", "EV"]. Descriptions of fuel types can be found here.


['E10', 'U91']