Ubiquiti UniFi Video

The uvc camera platform allows you to integrate UniFi Video Camera (UVC) into Home Assistant.

The platform connects to the UniFi NVR software and automatically discovers/adds any camera connected to the NVR.


It is recommended that you create a new user for this platform in the NVR software and only give the user the permissions it need to operate.

  • The API key is found in User -> My account -> API Access in the NVR software.
  • The camera password is found in Settings -> Camera Settings -> Camera Password in the NVR software.


To enable, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: uvc
    nvr: IP_ADDRESS
    key: API_KEY

Configuration Variables

nvr string Required

The IP or hostname of the NVR (Network Video Recorder) server.

port integer (Optional, default: 7080)

The port number to use for accessing the NVR.

key string Required

The API key available from the NVR web interface.

password string (Optional, default: ubnt)

The camera password.

ssl boolean (Optional, default: false)

Should use SSL/TLS to connect to the NVR.

When using an API_KEY to access cameras controlled by Ubiquiti's NVR Software, the associated user account MUST have at least Administrator privileges within the NVR Software in order for new cameras to be added into Home Assistant. Once the entities have been created in Home Assistant, privileges for the user account can be lowered.