0.63: Entity Registry, SQL Sensor, Mercedes cars


Date set for dropping Python 3.4 support

As announced in October, we’re going to drop Python 3.4 support in 2018. We’ve now decided that in two releases, 0.65, the minimum Python version that will be supported is bumped to 3.5.3. This won’t impact most users. You are already fine if you’re using Hass.io, the latest Debian stable (Stretch) or a derivative of that (Raspbian, Ubuntu).

Entity Registry

This release introduces the entity registry. The entity registry allows integrations to reserve entity IDs. This means that we’ll automatically grant an entity ID to a device. It’s reserved so that no other device will ever get that entity ID. It also means that as a user, you will be able to customize the entity IDs for these devices.

For an integration to leverage the entity registry, it needs to define a unique ID for each of their entities. A unique ID is something that we can uniquely identify the device and that is not configurable. So a serial number and mac address are ok, IP addresses or names are not.

Examples of integrations that have unique IDs defined in this release are Z-Wave, Hue, Nest, LIFX, Sonos, Apple TV.

To update the entity ID that will be assigned to your device, update <config>/entity_registry.yaml and restart Home Assistant (reloading on the fly is planned for a future release).

The entity registry will assign an entity ID the first time that a device is seen. This should be the same entity ID as it always was before. If this is not the case, update the registration entity to change it back to the old entity ID.

We’re planning a lot of cool stuff around the entity registry. Stay tuned!

New Platforms

Release 0.63.1 - February 12

Release 0.63.2 - February 14

Release 0.63.3 - February 17

If you need help…

…don’t hesitate to use our very active forums or join us for a little chat. The release notes have comments enabled but it’s preferred if you use the former communication channels. Thanks.

Reporting Issues

Experiencing issues introduced by this release? Please report them in our issue tracker. Make sure to fill in all fields of the issue template.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • updated sensor name (@philklei - #12084) (sensor.tahoma docs) (breaking change)

  • Originally Canary camera is added per location and only displays an image that was captured due to motion. Now it is per device (each location can have multiple devices) with live stream support. (@snjoetw - #11949) (canary docs) (camera.canary docs) (breaking change)

  • Avoid influxdb filling connection pool: The influxdb retry_queue_limit configuration variable no longer has any effect and can be removed. (@amelchio - #12182) (influxdb docs) (breaking change)

  • Some spelling mistakes in default entity names have been fixed in (@OttoWinter - #12041). This is causing these entity_id changes:

    • Seven segments display: image_processing.seven_segement_ocr_[...]image_processing.seven_segment_ocr_[...]
    • Rain Bird Switch: switch.sprinker_[...]switch.sprinkler_[...]
    • OpenEVSE Sensor: sensor.ambient_termperaturesensor.ambient_temperature
    • Fido: sensor.[...]_internaltional_remainingsensor.[...]_international remaining
  • From version 0.64, Home Assistant will by default purge recorded state history that is older than 10 days. If you want to keep your recorded data for longer than that, you must configure the number of days to retain:

      purge_keep_days: 30

    If you want to keep the previous default of never deleting history, use this configuration:

      purge_interval: 0

    (@amelchio - #11976)

  • Fix duplicate entity_ids in System Monitor (@fanaticDavid - #12124) (sensor.systemmonitor docs) (breaking change)

    Resource Old Entity ID New Entity ID
    disk_use sensor.disk_used sensor.disk_use
    disk_use_percent sensor.disk_used sensor.disk_use_percent
    load_15m sensor.average_load_15m sensor.load_15m
    load_1m sensor.average_load_1m sensor.load_1m
    load_5m sensor.average_load_5m sensor.load_5m
    memory_free sensor.ram_available sensor.memory_free
    memory_use sensor.ram_used sensor.memory_use
    memory_use_percent sensor.ram_used sensor.memory_use_percent
    network_in sensor.received sensor.network_in
    network_out sensor.sent sensor.network_out
    packets_in sensor.packets_received sensor.packets_in
    packets_out sensor.packets_sent sensor.packets_out
    processor_use sensor.cpu_used sensor.processor_use
    swap_use sensor.swap_used sensor.swap_use
    swap_use_percent sensor.swap_used sensor.swap_use_percent
  • Developers only: Following EntityComponent methods have been removed: extract_from_service, async_update_group, async_reset, prepare_reload (@balloob - #12237) (breaking change)

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