The Tesla integration offers integration with the Tesla cloud service and provides presence detection as well as sensors such as charger state and temperature.

This integration provides the following platforms:

  • Binary sensors - such as update available, parking, and charger connection.
  • Sensors - such as Battery level, Inside/Outside temperature, odometer, estimated range, and charging rate.
  • Device tracker - to track location of your car
  • Lock - Door lock, rear trunk lock, front trunk (frunk) lock and charger door lock. Enables you to control Tesla’s door, trunks and charger door lock
  • Climate - HVAC control. Allow you to control (turn on/off, set target temperature) your Tesla’s HVAC system. Also enables preset modes to enable or disable max defrost mode defrost or normal operation mode.
  • Switch - Charger and max range switch to allow you to start/stop charging and set max range charging. Update switch to allow you to disable polling of vehicles to conserve battery. Sentry mode switch to enable or disable Sentry mode.


Home Assistant offers the Tesla integration through Configuration -> Integrations -> Tesla.

Enter username and password and then continue.

Alternatively, Home Assistant will also load Tesla via the configuration.yaml. Add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  password: YOUR_PASSWORD

Configuration Variables

username string Required

The email address associated with your Tesla account.

password string Required

The password associated with your Tesla account.

scan_interval integer (Optional, default: 660)

API polling interval in seconds. Minimum value can’t be less than 60 (1 minute). Very frequent polling can use battery.


Tesla options are set via Configuration -> Integrations -> Tesla -> Options.

  • Wake cars on start - Whether to wake sleeping cars on Home Assistant startup. This allows a user to choose whether cars should continue to sleep (and not update information) or to wake up the cars potentially interrupting long term hibernation and increasing vampire drain.