iFrame panel

The panel_iframe support allows you to add additional panels to your Home Assistant frontend. The panels are listed in the sidebar and can contain external resources like the web frontend of your router, your monitoring system, or your media server.

If you are accessing Home Assistant over HTTPS using SSL, you cannot access HTTP sites through an iframe panel.

To enable Panel iFrames in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    title: "Router"
    url: ""
    title: "Fridge"
    url: ""
    icon: mdi:fridge
    title: "Other App"
    url: "/otherapp"
    require_admin: true

Configuration Variables

panel_iframe map Required

Enables the panel_iframe integration. Only allowed once.

panel_name map Required

Name of the panel. Only allowed once.

title string Required

Friendly title for the panel. Will be used in the sidebar.

url string Required

The absolute URL or relative URL with an absolute path to open.

icon icon (Optional)

Icon for entry.

require_admin boolean (Optional, default: false)

If admin access is required to see this iframe.

Do not create one that is named lovelace it will overwrite existing Dashboards, causing it to never load.