2022.12: It does matter!


Home Assistant Core 2022.12! 🎄

Already the last release of the year, right on time to bring you some cool new features to work with during the upcoming Holidays!

2022 has been a fantastic year for the Home Assistant project. We became one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing GitHub open source projects! ❤️ Tons of new features each month, and not just that, we matured a lot! Everything became more stable and faster, and the UX made leaps forwards as well!

We looked back at 2022 during the State of the Open Home, and sneak peaked at 2023, with some great new UI concepts and: The year of the voice! 🗣️ Missed it? The full video is available on YouTube.

But! The year isn’t over yet! This release really Matters! We are thrilled to be one of the first in the world to roll out Matter support to the public! 🎉

No Matter devices yet? Don’t worry! There are tons of things in this release that will keep you busy. The Tile card got “features”! You can now extend your Bluetooth range using Shelly devices, and a long-requested feature lands: Local Calendar. 🤩

For 2022, this is it! Thank you for joining our community. Thank you for sharing, helping out, contributing, creating YouTube videos, blog articles, and podcasts.

Thank you for using Home Assistant! ❤️

Happy holidays and for the last time in 2022: Enjoy the release!


Don’t forget to join our release party live stream on YouTube today at 12:00 PDT / 21:00 CET!

It does Matter!

Does it Matter? Yes, Home Assistant does Matter!

Matter is a new smart home interoperability standard, an open-source protocol, that defines how devices can communicate and work together. Read more about Matter in this comprehensive write-up from The Verge.

Today we release the first iteration of the Matter integration for Home Assistant. It is a big and important foundation that is probably best described as “alpha” or maybe even a “developer preview” — allowing anyone to help and jump in on the Matter development. For the first release, we think that is a great start!

At this point, Matter-enabled products are not (yet) generally available. However, if you can get a Matter-certified product, it can be commissioned!

A screenshot of a Matter device showing up in Home Assistant A Matter device integrated with Home Assistant.

Adding Matter devices (commissioning) can be done using our iOS and Android Home Assistant Companion apps. Adding support for this to our apps is being worked on and will become available in the upcoming weeks. The Android Companion app supporting Matter, is currently available for beta testing.

Interested? We have made more details available in our documentation.

Tile card gets features

In the last release, we introduced the Tile card. Today we extend the Tile card by adding support for “features”.

For the Tile card, “features” are additional extras that can be added to a Tile card. For example, they can provide additional controls or information for the entity the Tile card displays.

Screenshot showing the new features that can be added to tile cards

Multiple usable Tile features have been added:

  • Command buttons for vacuum cleaners
  • Brightness slider for lights
  • Controls for opening/closing and tilting covers

Checkout the documentation for more information about Tile features

But that is not all! The Tile card also got colors! 🎨

Based on the entity’s state, the card will get different colors. This color provides an additional visual indication of the entity’s state.

Screenshot showing the new state colors provided by the Tile card

Shiny new state colors!

Those lovely new state colors added to the Tile card, as shown above, are not just added to the tile card. This same color logic has now also been applied to the state history and the logbook!

Screenshot showing the new state colors in history and logbooks

Previously, these colors would be random. Now they are predictable, recognizable and, above all: just look a lot better 🤩

This same experience will also be visible on the dedicated Logbook and History pages of course.

Local calendar

This is one of the longer outstanding and bigger requested features of Home Assistant: A local calendar!

Building a calendar isn’t easy, but Allen Porter did it! And it is not just a calendar with dates and descriptions… oh no! Allen went all in!

Screenshot adding an event to the local calendar

We now have a full blown, local, built-in calendar, which can do all-day event or recurring ones tuned to your liking. Even multiple different local calendars are supported!

Screenshot adding recurring events to the local calendar

Bluetooth proxy using Shelly devices

In the September release, we brought Bluetooth everywhere, by adding Bluetooth proxy support, allowing any ESPHome device in your home to relay Bluetooth traffic across your home.

This release adds support for using Shelly devices as a remote Bluetooth adapter as well!

It works with all second-generation Shelly devices that use firmware 12.0 or later. Those are able to forward Bluetooth advertisements to Home Assistant’s Bluetooth integration. Home Assistant is not able to use Shelly devices to connect to devices, something that is necessry to control devices via Bluetooth. For that, use our Bluetooth Proxies.

This can greatly help with extending the range of your Bluetooth network to help with things like Bluetooth temperature or plant sensors in your home.

In other Bluetooth news: The performance of Bluetooth has, again, been improved this release, and the memory usage should be lower. Always good!

New entity: text

Say hello to a new entity: text! The text entity is very similar to the Text helper (also known as input_text).

The difference is that the helper is configured and managed by you, while the new text entities are provided by integrations. This means integration can now provide entities that ask for a textual input in the UI.

Screenshot a text entity

The first integrations that can now provide text entities as of this release are KNX and MQTT.

Summing entities without templates

Let’s say you have two numeric sensor entities, and you like to have an entity that shows the sum of those two; how would you do that? Creating a template entity, right? Nope! 😁

You can now create a new helper entity that sums the values of two (or more) sensor entities into a brand-new entity.

When creating a new helper, select “Combine the state of several sensors”, pick the sensor you’d like to sum, and select “Sum” for the statistic characteristic. Voila!

Screenshot showing you can now combine and sum up multiple sensor entities

You might have noticed that this looks like the “Min/Max” helper. True! We have renamed “Min/Max” to “Combine the state of several sensors”, to make it more descriptive as it gets more features.

Other noteworthy changes

There is much more juice in this release; here are some of the other noteworthy changes this release:

New Integrations

We welcome the following new integrations in this release:

Integrations now available to set up from the UI

The following integrations are now available via the Home Assistant UI:

Release 2022.12.1 - December 8

Release 2022.12.2 - December 11

Release 2022.12.3 - December 11

Release 2022.12.4 - December 12

Release 2022.12.5 - December 13

Release 2022.12.6 - December 14

Release 2022.12.7 - December 17

Release 2022.12.8 - December 21

Release 2022.12.9 - January, 2

Need help? Join the community!

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Backward-incompatible changes

If you are a custom integration or theme developer and want to learn about backward-incompatible changes and new features available for your integration: Be sure to follow our developer blog. The following are the most notable for this release:

Farewell to the following

The following integrations are also no longer available as of this release:

  • Google Chat has been removed. It relied on the Google Hangouts APIs, which have been shut down, rendering the integration unusable.

All changes

Of course, there is a lot more in this release. You can find a list of all changes made here: Full changelog for Home Assistant Core 2022.12