The switchbot switch platform allows you to control SwitchBot devices.

Manual Configuration

To enable it, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

  - platform: switchbot
    mac: "MAC_ADDRESS"

Configuration Variables

mac string Required

The device MAC address with upper-case letters.

name string (Optional)

The name used to display the switch in the frontend.

password string (Optional)

The password of the switch if set

SwitchBot Entity

There are two attributes available on the SwitchBot entity to give you more information about your device.

  • last_run_success: If true if the last action sent to the SwitchBot succeeded. This attribute is useful for error trapping when Bluetooth connectivity is intermittent. If false, see home-assistant.log for specific error messages.
  • assumed_state: Always true. If the state of the SwitchBot entity cannot be determined, it is assumed to be on.