The JustNimbus integration queries the JustNimbus API used by the JustNimbus web dashboard. This integration allows you to collect and save data to get an historic overview of your water bag usage.


To configure and use this integration, you need to have a JustNimbus water bag (Dutch), and you need to be subscribed for the web dashboard functionality. For this configuration, you need the client ID from the URL. For example: https://dashboard.justnimbus.com/my-installations/<client_id>.


To add the JustNimbus integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Sensor types

When configured, the integration will create twelve sensors for each configured client ID:

  • Pump flow, in L/min (Liters/minute)
  • Drink flow, in L/min (Liters/minute)
  • Pump pressure, in bar
  • Pump starts, a number counting the number of times the pump has started
  • Pump hours, a number counting the number of hours the pump has been used
  • Reservoir temperature, in °C
  • Reservoir content, in L (Liters)
  • Total saved, in L (Liters)
  • Total replenished, in L (Liters)
  • Error code
  • Total use, in L (Liters)
  • Max reservoir content, in L (Liters)