LIVISI Smart Home

The LIVISI Smart Home integration allows you to connect your LIVISI Smart Home Controller (SHC) to Home Assistant. The SHC can control compatible devices from RWE/innogy connected to it.

The following devices are currently supported by this integration:

  • Indoor Smart Plug (PSS)
  • Inwall Switch (ISSx)
  • Outdoor Smart Plug (PSSO)
  • Room Heating Control (VRCC) that includes support for physical heating devices such as Radiator Thermostat (RSTx), Room Thermostat (WRT) or Floor Heating Control (FSC8)
  • Wall Switches (ISS, ISS2)
  • Window-Door Sensor (WDS)


This integration communicates with the local version of LIVISI SmartHome only.

To activate the local SmartHome functionality, please use the LIVISI App and go to Settings >> General Settings >> Local SmartHome and click Activate.

Please visit LIVISI Community for more information.


To add the LIVISI Smart Home integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Extra configuration

The current integration will not find your SHC automatically and needs to be configured manually. You will need to provide the IP address and the local password for the controller.

Device discovery

All devices are automatically discovered and included by the integration. If you include a new device in LIVISI SmartHome, the device will automatically appear in Home Assistant after a few minutes.