0.49: Themes 🎨, kiosk mode and Prometheus.io



Our already amazing frontend just got even more amazing thanks to @andrey-git. With the new theme support you can be in control of the primary color, accent color and a whole bunch more.

You can specify themes using new configuration options under frontend.

      primary-color: "#6CA518"

Once a theme is defined, use the new frontend service frontend.set_theme to activate it. More information in the docs.

Screenshot of a green dashboard Screenshot of a green dashboard

Not all parts of the user interface are themable yet. Expect improvements in future releases.

Kiosk mode

Another great new improvement for the frontend is the addition of a kiosk mode. When the frontend is viewed in kiosk mode, the tab bar will be hidden.

To activate kiosk mode, navigate to https://hass.example.com:8123/kiosk/group.living_room_view. Note that for default_view the url is just https://hass.example.com:8123/kiosk

This feature has also been brought to you by @Andrey-git! Big shout out to him for his continuous efforts to bring Home Assistant to the next level.

New Platforms

Release 0.49.1 - July 24

If you need help…

…don’t hesitate to use our very active forums or join us for a little chat. The release notes have comments enabled but it’s preferred if you use the former communication channels. Thanks.

Reporting Issues

Experiencing issues introduced by this release? Please report them in our issue tracker. Make sure to fill in all fields of the issue template.

Backward-incompatible changes

  - name: Apple TV
    login_id: 00000000-1234-5678-9012-345678901234
    start_off: true
    credentials: 8660DEA5154FB46B:20B94847926112B3F46F85DB3A7311830463BF65570C22C3786E27F38C3326CF
  - host: !secret amcrest_living
    name: "Living Room"
    username: !secret amcrest_living_username
    password: !secret amcrest_living_password
    resolution: low
    stream_source: snapshot
      - motion_detector
      - ptz_preset

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