The dyson integration is the main integration to integrate all Dyson related platforms.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Climate
  • Fan
  • Sensor
  • Vacuum
  • Air Quality


To enable this component, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    - device_id: DEVICE_ID_1 # e.g., Serial number: XXX-XX-XXXXXXXX
      device_ip: DEVICE_IP_1
    - device_id: DEVICE_ID_2
      device_ip: DEVICE_IP_2

Configuration Variables

username string Required

Dyson account username (email address).

password string Required

Dyson account password.

language string Required

Dyson account language country code. Known working codes: US, FR, NL, GB, AU. Other codes should be supported.

devices map (Optional)

List of devices.

device_id string Required

Device ID. The Serial Number of the device. Found in the smart phone app device settings page.

device_ip string Required

Device IP address.

The devices list is optional, but you’ll have to provide them if discovery is not working (warnings in the logs and the devices are not available in Home Assistant web interface).

Discovery is not yet supported for any robot vacuum models (Dyson 360 Eye). For these devices, you will need to provide them in the devices list.

To find a devices IP address, you can use your router or nmap:

nmap -p 1883 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/YY --open


  • XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is your network address
  • YY is your network mask

For example:

nmap -p 1883 --open


The dyson vacuum platform allows you to control your Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum.

Component services

This integration support the following services (see Vacuum Cleaner Robots):


The dyson climate platform allows you to control your Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Fan thermal control. For controlling the fan functionality, see the Dyson fan part on this page.

Component services

This integration supports the following services (see Climate):


The dyson fan platform allows you to control your Dyson Purifier fans.

Supported fan devices

  • Pure Cool link (desk and tower)
  • Pure Hot+cool link (see climate part) for thermal control
  • Pure Cool 2018 (DP04 and TP04)
  • Pure Cool Cryptomic (TP06)
  • Pure Humidify+Cool (PH01)


There are several attributes which can be used for automations and templates.

Attribute Description
night_mode A boolean that indicates if the night mode of the fan device is on.
auto_mode A boolean that indicates if the auto mode of the fan device is on.
angle_low Int (between 5 and 355) that indicates the low angle of oscillation (only for DP04 and TP04).
angle_high Int (between 5 and 355) that indicates the high angle of oscillation (only for DP04 and TP04).
flow_direction_front Boolean that indicates if the frontal flow direction is enabled (only for DP04, TP04 and PH01).
timer Attribute that indicates the status of the auto power off timer, can be either ‘OFF’ or an integer representing the time remaining until shutdown in minutes (only for DP04 and TP04).
hepa filter Remaining life of the fan’s HEPA filter in % (only for DP04 and TP04 — Combi filter for PH01).
carbon filter Remaining life of the fan’s carbon filter in % (only for DP04 and TP04).


The dyson sensor platform provides temperature and humidity sensors.

For compatible models (i.e. DP04, TP04, PH01), remaining life percentage for the filters (HEPA and Carbon, or Combi) is provided as sensors.

Air Quality

The dyson air quality platform provides the following levels (only for DP04, TP04, PH01):

  • Particulate matter 2.5 (<= 2.5 μm) level.
  • Particulate matter 10 (<= 10 μm) level.
  • Air Quality Index (AQI).
  • NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) level.
  • VOC (Volatile organic compounds) level.