0.74: Tuya, Cloudflare DNS, Push Camera and Users UI


It’s time for Home Assistant 0.74! 🎉

This week we heard that Guido van Rossum, the founder of Python, is taking a permanent vacation as the leader of Python after being at the helm for almost 30 years. Guido has not been directly involved with Home Assistant. However he created Python and was part of the team that built asyncio, technologies that power the foundation of Home Assistant and what makes us so fast and robust. Under Guido’s guidance, the Python community has grown out to be very friendly and open. A great inspiration for us and other tech communities out there. Thanks for all you have done Guido!

Photo of Paulus, founder of Home Assistant, and Guido, founder of Python. Paulus & Guido at PyCon US 2018

All right, back to Home Assistant. The last release introduced a tech preview of the new user system. The initial preview still required creating users via the command line. In the last two weeks, we’ve worked hard on adding support for an onboarding wizard and a user management interface. A walkthrough of the new features can be found below. Thanks to @awarecan and @jeradM for all their work!

To try it out today, read these instructions. The user system is still in tech preview. We’ve moved fast to get where we are today. The next step is that we need to take a step back and look at the system as a whole to make sure it’s robust and ready for prime time.

We keep seeing great examples of UIs built with Lovelace. Follow us on social media (FB, Twitter) where we will keep sharing great examples.

To help our development and design teams, we’ve also introduced a Lovelace card gallery.

Thanks to @c727, @jeradM and @ciotlosm for leading this effort ❤️

I’m happy to announce that this release introduces support for Tuya thanks to @huangyupeng. Tuya produces cheap cloud-enabled devices that are sold under a wide variety of brand names across the globe, and now they work with Home Assistant too!

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Release 0.74.1 - July 24

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