Flux LED/MagicHome

The Magic Home (aka Flux LED) integration supports several brands of smart sockets, LED bulbs, and LED controllers that use the same protocol over WiFi. If you can control your device with the MagicHome app, and it is listed as supported below, this integration can control the device.

Example of bulbs:

Examples of controllers with strips:

Examples of controllers:

Examples of addressable controllers:

Examples of addressable controllers with strip:

Examples of sockets:


Adding Flux LED/MagicHome to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:

Flux LED/MagicHome can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If an instance was found, it will be shown as “Discovered”, which you can select to set it up right away.

Manual configuration steps

After the devices have been added they can be configured with different effects listed below. These settings can be accessed by navigating to the integration settings in Configuration -> Integrations and selecting the “Flux Led/Magic Home” configuration for the bulb or controller. Devices listed as unsupported below are likely to work, however, they have not been tested by the integration’s developers.

Custom Effect
A list of RGB colors can be entered to create an effect. The effect speed can be adjusted using the slider underneath.

Custom Effect Type
This determines the transition between each color.

Supported Models

The following models have been tested.

Model Description Microphone Notes
0x01 Legacy RGB Controller no Original protocol
0x03 Legacy CCT Controller no Original protocol
0x04 UFO Controller RGBW no
0x06 Controller RGBW no
0x07 Controller RGBCW no
0x08 Controller RGB with MIC yes
0x09 Ceiling Light CCT no
0x0E Floor Lamp RGBCW no
0x10 Christmas Light no
0x16 Magnetic Light CCT no
0x17 Magnetic Light Dimmable no
0x1A Christmas Light no
0x1C Table Light CCT no
0x1E Ceiling Light RGBCW no
0x21 Bulb Dimmable no
0x25 Controller RGB/WW/CW no Supports RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, CW, DIM
0x33 Controller RGB no
0x35 Bulb RGBCW no
0x41 Controller Dimmable no
0x44 Bulb RGBW no
0x52 Bulb CCT no
0x54 Downlight RGBW no
0x62 Controller CCT no
0x93 Switch 1 Channel no
0x97 Socket no
0xA1 Addressable v1 no Supports UCS1903, SM16703, WS2811, WS2812B, SK6812, INK1003, WS2801, LB1914
0xA2 Addressable v2 yes Supports UCS1903, SM16703, WS2811, WS2811B, SK6812, INK1003, WS2801, WS2815, APA102, TM1914, UCS2904B
0xA3 Addressable v3 yes Supports WS2812B, SM16703, SM16704, WS2811, UCS1903, SK6812, SK6812RGBW, INK1003, UCS2904B
0xA4 Addressable v4 no Supports WS2812B, SM16703, SM16704, WS2811, UCS1903, SK6812, SK6812RGBW, INK1003, UCS2904B
0xA6 Addressable v6 yes Supports WS2812B, SM16703, SM16704, WS2811, UCS1903, SK6812, SK6812RGBW, INK1003, UCS2904B
0xA7 Addressable v7 yes Supports WS2812B, SM16703, SM16704, WS2811, UCS1903, SK6812, SK6812RGBW, INK1003, UCS2904B
0xE1 Ceiling Light CCT no
0xE2 Ceiling Light Assist no Auxiliary Switch not supported

Untested Models

The following models have not been tested but may work.

Model Description Microphone Notes
0x02 Legacy Dimmable Controller no Original protocol, discontinued

Unsupported Models

The following models are confirmed to be unsupported.

Model Description Microphone Notes
0x18 Plant Grow Light no
0x19 Socket with 2 USB no
0x1B Aroma Fragrance Lamp no
0x1D Fill Light no
0x94 Switch 1c Watt no
0x95 Switch 2 Channel no
0x96 Switch 4 Channel no
0xD1 Digital Time Lamp no


If a strip controller device will not stay on wifi or goes offline during adjusting colors and effects, upgrading to a power supply with a higher amperage usually resolves any stability issues.


The Flux LED light offers a number of effects which are not included in other lighting packages. These can be selected from the front-end, or sent in the effect field of the light.turn_on command.

Effect Name Description
colorloop Smoothly transitions through the rainbow.
colorjump Jumps through seven different rainbow colors.
colorstrobe Strobes each rainbow color in a loop.
red_fade, green_fade, blue_fade, yellow_fade, cyan_fade, purple_fade, white_fade Fades between the color as indicated in the effect name and black.
rg_cross_fade Fades between red and green.
rb_cross_fade Fades between red and blue.
gb_cross_fade Fades between green and blue.
red_strobe, green_strobe, blue_strobe, yellow_strobe, cyan_strobe, purple_strobe, white_strobe Strobes the color indicated by the effect name.
random Chooses a random color by selecting random values for R, G, and B.

Custom Effects - Service flux_led.set_custom_effect

The integration offers a custom service to enable you to set the lights to a custom light effect.

Service data attribute Description
entity_id The entity_id of the LED light to set the effect on.
colors List of RGB colors to transition between in your effect. (Max 16, Required)
speed_pct The speed of the effect in % (0-100. Default 50)
transition The transition effect you would like. Valid options are gradual, jump, or strobe. (Default gradual)
#Example Service Call
entity_id: light.led_strip
  - [255,0,0]
  - [0,255,0]
  - [0,0,255]
speed_pct: 80
transition: "jump"