0.57: Translations, Hacktoberfest, Timers


The Home Assistant sidebar in 12 different languages The Home Assistant sidebar in 12 different languages.

Whaaaaaats up everyone?! 😁 It’s been another crazy 2 weeks here at the virtual Home Assistant headquarters with a ton of great contributions from all over the world. New features, bug fixes, performance improvements. It’s a lot so let’s jump right in.


The first great feature, if you haven’t guessed it yet from the screenshot above: we are now able to translate the UI! Currently the translations are limited to the sidebar menu items. Even without a translation tool available, our contributors have jumped in and submitted translations for these menu items in over twenty languages! Home Assistant will automatically pick an available translation based on your browser settings, or a translation can be manually selected in the configuration panel.

We’re currently working on an integration with the web based translation tool lokalise.co, to make the translation process accessible to anyone who would like to contribute. Stay tuned for a blog post with more documentation soon.

Frontend improvements

As part of getting translations to work, we did a lot of cleanup work on the frontend side. The re-organization should allow us to iterate faster on the frontend. We’ve already seen a lot of clean up as part of this thanks to @armills and @andrey-git for keep raising the quality!


Hacktoberfest 2017 is over! FINALLY. Each year we’re attracting more developers that want to contribute to Home Assistant. This is great but also very exhausting to our code reviewers. I want to give an enormous gigantic huge big shout out to our reviewers @pvizeli, @andrey-git, @armills, @MartinHjelmare, @fabaff. You have all done an amazing job and we couldn’t run Home Assistant without any of you! ❤

Hacktoberfest is obviously about the people contributing to open source. Big thanks to everyone that has taken the time to learn our code base and make contributions. We hope it was a pleasant experience and show how great open source can be. Hope to see many contributions in the future 👍

Here are our Hacktoberfest 2017 stats. It’s a miracle everyone is still alive:

This means that we processed over 20 Pull requests per day. The result was already visible in 0.56. This release is almost the same. In those releases we were able to add over 40 new integrations.


Good news and bad news on this front. The bad news is that IKEA changed the internal API for TRÅDFRI with a firmware update, breaking the Home Assistant integration. The good news is that they were nice enough to email us with instructions on the backward-incompatible changes.

Long time contributor @lwis jumped on the case and managed to migrate our integration in Home Assistant in time for this release. Great work!

Pumpkin with Home Assistant logo carved in. @clhett01 made us a pumpkin ([via Twitter](https://twitter.com/clhett01/status/925481848612032512))


Okay, one more highlight before we’ll let you check out the changelog. Contributor @danielperna84 (famous for creating the HASS Configurator), had another great component up his sleeve: the Timer component. With the timer component you’ll be able to start countdown timers. A neat tool for your automation toolbox! More info in the timer docs.

New Platforms

release 0.57.1 - november 4

  • Fix login screen not showing when no password stored (@balloob)

release 0.57.2 - november 5

  • Update frontend with fixes for setting temperature on climate card (@balloob)
  • Fix setting max brightness for TRADFRI (@ggravlingen - #10359)

release 0.57.3 - november 11

If you need help…

…don’t hesitate to use our very active forums or join us for a little chat. The release notes have comments enabled but it’s preferred if you use the former communication channels. Thanks.

Reporting Issues

Experiencing issues introduced by this release? Please report them in our issue tracker. Make sure to fill in all fields of the issue template.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • IKEA TRÅDFRI: We no longer support entering the key in the configuration. (@lwis - #10282) (tradfri docs) (breaking change)

  • API.AI was renamed to Dialogflow. This requires to rename the entry in your configuration.yaml file from apiai: to dialogflow. (@fabaff - #10006) (dialogflow docs) (breaking change)

  • Wink: Removed support for entering your username and password in your config. Use the new authentication method instead. (@w1ll1am23 - #10277) (wink docs) (breaking change)

  • Use feed name assigned in EmonCMS if there is one. This changes the default behavior but still uses configured ‘name’ if it’s set, so it won’t break the configuration of people who have customized their feed names in HA config. (@KlaasH - #10021) (sensor.emoncms docs) (breaking change)

  • The namecheapdns now uses password: instead of access_token in the configuration. Also, host is now optional which allow people who are not using subdomains to keep their configuration shorter. (@fabaff - #10063) (namecheapdns docs) (breaking change)

  • Fix recorder crash for long state string - enforce a maximum state of 255 characters at core level (@milanvo - #9696) (breaking change)

  • Add display currency setting to CoinMarketCap sensor. The name of the sensor attribute ‘24h_volume_usd’ is changed to ‘24h_volume’. (@EarthlingRich - #10093) (sensor.coinmarketcap docs) (breaking change)

  • MQTT Statestream now serializes all data to JSON before publishing. This means that string attributes and values will be quoted from now on (e.g.: ‘“on”’ instead of ‘on’). You can still read these strings without the quotes by using ‘value_json’ instead of ‘value’ where applicable (e.g., templates). This causes automatic JSON deserialization. Other simple types are not affected.

    This fixes errors when an entity has an attribute that is not “a string, bytearray, int, float or None” and mqtt_statestream is used. As of now, the attribute is just handed over to paho, and paho can only send the aforementioned types. This patch fixes the issue by just casting everything to string before handing it over to paho.

    There are a number of components / entities which have “other” attributes, e.g., light that have an RGB attribute which is a list. (@tinloaf - #9872) (mqtt_statestream docs) (breaking change)

  • Generic thermostat: the configuration option tolerance has been removed and has been replaced by cold_tolerance and hot_tolerance. This allows on and off states to have different error bands. (@biggms - #9843) (climate.generic_thermostat docs) (breaking change)

  • Developers only: frontend has been refactored. The method register_panel has been turned into a coroutine function called async_register_panel. The parameter url_path has been renamed to frontend_url_path. For frontend, development, you no longer pass development: 1 to the http component but instead configure the frontend component to be in development mode by pointing it at a local checkout of the Polymer repo: (@balloob - #9915) (breaking change)

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