EPH Controls

The ephember climate platform lets you control EPH Controls thermostats. The module only works if you have a Wi-Fi gateway to control your EPH system and an account on the EMBER app.

To set it up, add the following information to your configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: ephember
    username: YOUR_EMAIL
    password: YOUR_PASSWORD

A single interface can handle up to 32 connected devices.

Configuration Variables

username string Required

The email address you used to sign up to the EMBER app.

password string Required

The password you used to sign up to the EMBER app.

The supported operation modes map to the ON/OFF period selection of your timeswitch / EMBER app. These include:

  • Auto The timeswitch operates 3 on / off periods per day.
  • On The timeswitch is permanently on.
  • Off The timeswitch is permanently off.

If All Day is selected in the EMBER app it will show as Auto in Home Assistant. To Boost your heating, you should call the climate.set_aux_heater service on your zone entity. This will then Boost that zone for 1 hour.