OpenALPR Local

OpenALPR integration for Home Assistant allows you to process license plates from a camera. You can use them to open a garage door or trigger any other automation.

For using the result inside an automation rule, take a look at the component page.

Local installation

If you want process all data locally, you need version 2.3.1 or higher of the alpr commandline tool.

If you don’t find binaries for your distribution you can compile from source. Documentation of how to build OpenALPR is found here.

On a Debian system you can use this cmake command to build only the command line tool:


For other operating system please refer to the OpenALPR wiki.

Verify your alpr installation with:

wget -O- -q | alpr -


# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: openalpr_local
    region: eu
    - entity_id: camera.garage

Configuration Variables


Country or region. List of supported values.

alpr_binstring(Optional, default: alpr)

The command line tool alpr from OpenALPR software for local processing.

confidenceinteger(Optional, default: 80)

The minimum of confidence in percent to process with Home Assistant.


List of image sources.


A camera entity id to get picture from.


This parameter allows you to override the name of your OpenALPR entity.